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BIO Proposal for Reform of Brazil’s Bioprospecting and Genetic Resources Regulations

BIO welcomes the opportunity to provide the views of its members on facilitating access to genetic resources and traditional knowledge and the sharing of benefits from their use...<o:p></o:p></p>

BIO commends the Brazilian Government for its efforts to revisit its policies with the goal of developing a legal framework that stimulates research and development based on Brazil’s rich genetic heritage. Given that technological advances and the innovation that spurs it are the primary drivers of economic growth in the modern era, it is critical that intellectual property laws and practices properly motivate and reward innovation.

BIO and its members believe a successful access and benefit-sharing (ABS) regime can create an environment that promotes collaboration and innovation in Brazil. A key element of this environment, however, must be a transparent and robust set of intellectual property laws and practices, separate from a legal framework seeking to protect access to genetic resources.

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