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Below50 Partnership

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and below50 share a common goal of growing the biobased economy in North America and around the world. In 2017, BIO and below50 created the below50 North America Hub, which will be hosted and led by BIO. The North American Hub works to advance below50’s global campaign to promote Low Carbon Fuels into region- and country-specific action.

About below50

below50 is a global collaboration that brings together the entire value-chain for sustainable fuels – that is, fuels that produce at least 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels. below50 is creating global campaign for local action, taking a global strategy and implementing solutions at a local level. below50 is up-scaling the production and use of below50 fuels by: 

  • Increasing the number and diversity of companies choosing below50 fuels; 
  • Creating novel inter-sectoral business-to-business (B2B) opportunities across the entire below50 fuel value chain; and
  • Demonstrating to diverse stakeholders that below50 fuels makes good economic, social, and environmental sense.