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Learn About BIO Alliance Development

BIO is committed to discovering, developing, and delivering treatments that improve the lives of patients.  The best way to fully understand the needs of the patients our industry serves is to work with the patient organizations that are most closely connected to patients and their caregivers.  BIO Alliance Development serves as the bridge between third party stakeholder organizations and BIO by identifying areas of mutual interest and facilitating meaningful partnerships.  BIO hosts regular educational and capacity building programming and offers opportunities for stakeholder organizations to participate in BIO conferences and events. 

Learn more about BIO's Alliance Development programming and events, as well as read recaps of past briefings, here.

BIO and its members share a commitment to discovering and developing innovative medicines to fight and cure disease and improve the lives of patients.  In an effort to achieve our shared goals of bringing new treatments to patients, BIO and its members often work together with patient advocacy organizations to better understand the patients we serve, to help raise awareness and understanding of a disease, and to advance patient-focused public policies.  BIO and its members are proud of the many collaborations they have with the patient advocacy community.  To ensure that these collaborations respect the independence of all partners and are built on integrity and trust, BIO developed a set of guiding principles which reflect these values to help inform interactions between BIO members and the patient advocacy community.  Read BIO's Guiding Principles for Interaction with Patient Advocacy Organizations here

Explore some of the partnerships and collaborations between BIO and the patient advocacy community here

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