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BIO Releases Principles on Clinical Trial Data Sharing

<em>Principles reaffirm and broaden biotech industry&rsquo;s commitment to transparency, advancing research</em></p>

Washington, D.C. (March 25, 2014) – The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) today reaffirmed and broadened its long-standing commitment to improving human health through the development of innovative therapies by releasing Principles on Clinical Trial Data Sharing, which were adopted by its Health Section Governing Board.

The following statement may be attributed to BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood:

“BIO recognizes that responsible clinical trial data sharing advances public health and scientific discourse, honors research participants’ expectations of privacy through informed consent, and promotes biomedical innovation.

"These Principles reflect our support for these goals, while maintaining incentives to invest in biomedical research and recognizing the human and financial resource constraints of small, pre-revenue enterprises.

“Our members currently share research data in a number of ways, routinely publishing their clinical trials in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presenting their results at scientific meetings and workshops.

“These Principles reaffirm our support for these efforts, and represent a commitment to make additional information available to the public, qualified researchers, and patients participating in clinical trials.

“We believe these Principles will enhance scientific knowledge to advance public health and patient care. We remain committed to working with the broader scientific community to develop knowledge that will improve drug development, enhance public health, and reinforce public confidence in the safety and efficacy of our medicines.”

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