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Canada's Decision on BST Counters FDA, WHO, AMA Views

The Biotechnology Industry Organization issued the following statement from its Executive Director, Technical Affairs, Alan Goldhammer, Ph.D.:

"Health Canada's decision not to approve BST based on animal safety concerns is disappointing and surprising, considering the legion of regulatory, health and food safety authorities worldwide who have examined the same data and determined its safety for both humans and dairy cattle.

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health, American Medical Association and American Dietetic Association, as well as regulatory agencies in 30 countries have affirmed its safety. They conclude the milk from BST-treated cows is the same as milk from untreated cows, and therefore safe and wholesome. Nor did they discover cause for concern in their review of the same extensive animal health data provided to Health Canada.

"We have every confidence that FDA's review of BST was complete, thorough and rigorous. Further, since its approval in the United States in 1993, a widescale post-approval monitoring system has confirmed BST's safety for cows and humans."