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BIO Congratulates SAB Biotherapeutics on Pharm Groundbreaking

Sioux Falls, S.D. 80-acre biological pharm is first-of-its kind


Washington, D.C. (October 5, 2017) – Sioux Falls, S.D.-based SAB Biotherapeutics, Inc. (SAB), celebrated construction of their 80-acre biopharmaceutical production pharm operation with a groundbreaking ceremony today in Lincoln County. 

“The health of humans, animals and the environment are inextricably connected,” said Dan Jenkins, Senior Director for Food & Agriculture, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). “Understanding this connectivity – and how biotechnology helps to heal, fuel and feed the world – can help the global community prevent and cure illness and disease.”

One example of this biological connectedness is SAB’s work with transgenic cattle to produce human antibody immunotherapies.

“SAB’s platform can produce antibodies targeting cancer, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and infectious diseases,” explained Dr. Eddie Sullivan, SAB President, CEO and Co-founder. “Part of our vision to address emerging infectious disease threats is leveraging a dedicated herd of human antibody producing cattle to be readily available in the event of an outbreak.”

The 80-acre pharm under construction, an agricultural-based production unit whose output is biopharmaceuticals for the benefit of human health, is the first facility of its kind designed specifically for cattle.

“Animal biotechnology holds immense promise in improving not just human health, but also enhancing animal and environmental health as well, a prime example of the ‘One Health’ concept,” said Jenkins, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony. “Breaking down barriers that inhibit innovation are important steps towards achieving improved global health.”