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Areas of Focus

BIO is the world's largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations. BIO members are involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.  Below are key areas of focus for BIO.

Health Care

We promote biomedical innovation by developing and advocating for public policies  that represent the best interests of members focused on human health. We break-down the barriers that impede American innovation by reducing bureaucratic hurdles to lifesaving technologies.  Among the priority issues are matters affecting the healthcare-related regulatory and reimbursement climate, pandemic and biodefense preparedness, publicly funded scientific research, and personalized medicine... 


Emerging Companies

We serve the needs of small-to-medium size companies, most of whom do not yet have major products approved and on the market. Whether advocating for pro-innovation tax policies to encouraging an economic and policy environment to foster biotech investment, we focus on critical issues affecting smaller companies and build programs to enhance their development...


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of the biotechnology industry. Strong patents, and an efficient, predictable, and objective patent system, are critical to ensuring a steady stream of capital to biotechnology companies developing innovative medicines, alternative energy sources, insect- and drought-resistant crops, and a wide range of other innovative biotechnologies that are helping to feed, fuel, and heal our planet. This quintessentially-American industry leads the world in innovation, providing the United States with a global competitive advantage and spurring economic growth and the creation of high-paying jobs here at home.


Industrial & Environmental

Industrial biotechnology applies life science tools, such as microbes and enzymes, to traditional manufacturing and chemical processes to produce biobased or cleaner, more sustainable products and materials. The Industrial and Environmental Section develops policies to help drive the growth of advanced biofuels, biomass supply, specialty crops, biobased products and materials, specialty chemicals, food and nutritional ingredients and synthetic biology and genomics research. We work closely with the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and international organizations to encourage the development of technologies that make our lives and environment cleaner, safer and healthier. This Section is also active in promoting technologies that support a growing biobased economy and meet the demand for sustainable sources of energy...


Food & Agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Section is responsible for developing and advancing industry policies on all plant and animal biotechnology issues related to international affairs, state and federal government relations, science and regulatory affairs, and media. Biotechnology in plant agriculture can improve crop insect resistance, enhance crop herbicide tolerance and facilitate the use of more environmentally sustainable farming practices. Biotechnology in animal agriculture is used to genetically engineer animals to improve their suitability for pharmaceutical, agricultural or industrial applications. This Food and Agriculture Section promotes agriculture biotechnology policies that will help feed a growing population of 9 billion by 2050...


Public Policy

BIO advocates for laws, funding and other governmental actions that ensure that biotechnology companies are able to focus on their research whether it be developing next generation drugs, the next major advancement in agriculture or fuel to move the world...



Bioethics is the intersection of ethics and the medical and healthcare fields...  


International Policy

BIO advocates for public policies that support the growth of the innovative biotechnology industry worldwide. We support efficient and effective governance, science-based regulatory systems to ensure faster and more equitable access to biotech products and processes for patients, farmers and consumers around the globe...