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2019 Participating Investors

Below is a representative list of participating investment firms and sell side research analysts for the 2019 BIO Investor Forum.

3E Bioventures
3M Company
ABES Venture Partners
Abingworth Management
Accelerator Life Science Partners
Acuris Partners
Agent Capital
Agilent Technologies
Aleph Capital
Alexandria Venture Investments
Alignment Ventures
Altamont Pharmaceutical Holdings
ATEL Ventures
Altitude Life Science Ventures
Andreessen Horowitz
Aquilo Capital
Arch Venture Partners
Arix Bioscience
ARTIS Ventures
Asahi Kasei America
Asajes Medical
Asajes Ventures
Aspire Capital
Asset Management Ventures
Astellas Innovation Management 
Astellas Pharma US
Astellas Venture Management
ATEL Ventures
Atheneos Ventures
AUGC Biofund
Band of Angels
Barbara Lavery
Beacon Capital
Biocoast Capital
Biomark Capital
BioPacific Investors
Bios Partners
Biotech Alliances International
Black Horse Capital
Bohe Angel Fund
Borex Capital
Boryung Holdings
BOSON Capital Partners
Brace Pharma Capital
Brain Trust Accelerator Fund
Bridge Bank
BridgeBio Pharma
Brookline Capital Markets
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Capital Family Office
Cato BioVentures
CEC Capital
Cenova Capital
Chaperone Investment
China Grand
CI Investments
Cove Fund II
Coventry Enterprises
Cowin Capital
Crosswave Management
CSC Leasing
Dabar Investment Associates
Dalton Investment
Danaher Life Sciences
Data Collective Venture Capital
DAYLI Partners
Defta Partners
DigiTx Partners
Dolby Family Ventures
Dorset Capital
DoubleLine Capital
Dynamk Capital
East West Bank
Emerson Collective
Esousa Holdings
FMG Ventures
Fosun Private Equity
F-Prime Capital Partners
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
G4S Capital
GE Ventures
Genoa Ventures
Global Neurohealth Ventures
GreatPoint Ventures
GreenSky Capital
Grey Sky Venture Partners
Hannol Ventures
Hbm Partners
HCM Healthcare Capital Management
HEDA Ventures
HealthCare Royalty Partners
Helicase Venture
Helix Ventures
Hemi Ventures
Hercules Capital
Hermes Life Sciences Ventures
H.I.G. Capital
Hone Capital
Iaso Ventures
Illumina Accelerator
Illumina Ventures
Inbio Ventures
In Capital
Integral Group
IPF Partners

Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation
Joyance Partners
Julz Co
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
KB Financial Group
Kingsford Capital Management
Kyoto University Innovation Capital
Laguna Ventures
Lam Research
Landmark Angels
Laurel Venture Capital
LEO Pharma
Life Science Angels
Lilly Asia Ventures
Lincoln Park Capital
Lumira Ventures
Lyfe Capital
Lymo Ventures
LYZZ Capital Advisors
Matthews Asia
Matthews International Capital Management
Maywell Capital
MDB Capital Group
MedImmune Ventures
Milestone Capital
Mitsui & Co. Global Investment
Momentum Biotech
MPM Capital
MSQ Ventures
Nan Fung Life Sciences
NCL Technology Ventures
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Nomura Instinet
Northern Light Venture Capital
Novo Ventures (US)
Olive Tree Capital
Oresund Capital
OSF Healthcare Ventures
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.
Oxford Finance
Palo Alto Investors
Panacea Venture Healthcare
Pappas Ventures
Perseverance Capital
Pharmstandard JSC
Pivotal BioVenture Partners
PoC Capital
Premier Partners
Presidio Partners
Prevail Partners
Primer Capital
Qiming Venture Partners VSA
Quadriga Biosciences
Quan Capital
RBV Capital
Relentless Pursuit Partners
Remiges Ventures
Research Bridge Partners
RHK Capital
Roche Venture Fund
Samsung Bioepis
Samsung Venture Investment
Sanderling Ventures
Sandhill Angels
Santen Pharmaceutical Co.
Santen Ventures
Satter Medical Technology Partnership
Science Futures
Shanghai Henlius Biotech
Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals
Simcere Pharmaceutical Group
Sinar Mas Technology
Smilegate Investment
Sofinnova Ventures
SPRIM Ventures
SR One
StarLink Capital
StartUp Health
Steel Wolf Ventures
Strathspey Crown
Sumavision USA
Syzygy Therapeutics
Taiho Ventures
Taiwania Capital
Takeda Ventures
Talfinium Investments
Tech Coast Angels
The Benchmark Company
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Tosoh USA
TransPacific Venture Capital Partners
Triple Ring Technologies
Ultreum Capital
V02 Global
VantagePoint Capital Partners
venBio Partners
Vertex Venture Holdings
Vivo Capital
Voya Financial
WARF Therapeutics
Washington Research Foundation Center
WBB Securities
Westlake Ventures
W Global Capital
WI Harper Group
Wu Capital
Xeraya Capital Life Venture
Y Combinator
Yonjin Capital
Yuhan USA
ZGC Capital
ZJ Future

*As of  10/18/2019